Wedding plans in Brazil!

I’m here to talk about my wedding plans! I put all my documents together and start to fill out some forms. To get marry in my country (Brazil) I need to meet all the government requirements. So my partner will need:

*His full birth certificate and a certified photocopy; 

*A Non-impediment certificate (that proves he is single);
*A residence Certificate (Proof of residence);
*His passport or a certified photocopy; and
*A power of attorney or a Proxy.

After that you will have to be sure that all your documents have a certified photocopy legalised and checked by the Brazilian Consulate. It is located in London, near Oxford Street.

So when you get all this sorted, that is the time to go to a Register Office in your country and book the day of the wedding.
Undoubtedly that is going to be a lot of work and money, so you have to be patient and perseverance. Don’t forget that you have to translate all your english documents into portuguese and later all the portuguese ones in english to apply for a spouse visa!
If you would like to read more about this in portuguese, just check my other blog: Quarto de Viagem!

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