An unusual journey – Uma jornada inusitada

My friend asked me to write an article for her blog as I have done some travelling lately. After visiting various places, here’s my idea of travelling…

I love travelling although it may take me a lot of time to reach my destination…sometimes I don’t even reach it but it’s definitely worth trying…it’s all about the journey, ain’t it?
In my travels, most of the times I sit, sometimes I stand and other times I walk. Sometimes I keep my eyes open…other time they are closed.

I can see more when my eyes are closed. Sometimes my legs hurt…sometimes they don’t.
When I start a journey I have no objective and no purpose. I do it because I love it.

I have no expectations from it. I don’t judge or criticize it. I can only be grateful for it had allowed me have the experience. My journeys are always different. Sometimes they fill my soul with joy, other times with sorrow.

Either way…it’s all good. Have you already guessed where I’ve been travelling to?
That’s right! I travel to where everything starts from.

The source of all the experiences. The light and the darkness, the yin and yang, the good and bad…the soul.
The way I get there it’s not by train, or bus, or plane (although it can be); but it’s by sitting down on my mediation cushion, legs crossed, palms on my knees. And that’s how I go on my journey, and I let it take me.

I surrender. I let it flow. And I love it. It has changed my life. I can now see the beauty in the world as I recognize it in me. It all starts from within. It brings peace, harmony, balance and happiness into my life.
I recommend you try it too.

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