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Carnaval no Rio em 2010.. (2)

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro, It’s Secret

This Sunday I’ll watch six samba-schools in the Sambodrome, all in competition for the title of best samba-school of 2010. The first school on Sunday is União da Ilha, which brings the message of hope and peace of Don Quixote de la Mancha to Rio Carnival. The parade will also feature the Imperatriz Leopoldinense, which will show the multi-religious side of Brazilians. Carnival producer Paulo Barros will unveil Unidos da Tijuca’s homage to Viradouro of Mexico, and also walk through the great literary works of history by Salgueiro. The last school of the night is Beija-Flor, who will celebrate the fiftieth birthday of my city, Brasília. Enjoy, live it up to each detail, sing along with the samba schools. Have fun! This moment, will for sure be kept in yours hearts. This a magic moment!

Photos: Beija-Flor School, Carnival 2010, KFC, Candelária Church, Maracaña and Vasco Team, Sugar Loaf, Rio’s Sights and Christ The Redeemer Statue.

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